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Lunching and Brunching with your Prep and Rally Board

  Fill in the blank: Can I use the Prep and Rally board for ___? No matter what you plug in there, the answer is always yes. This wooden board is made to be used for literally everything. Every meal, occasion, family dinner, meal prep, recipe, hosting, chopping, serving, you name it! My favorite meal to prep and eat is brunch. The Prep and Rally wooden cutting board has become my number one best friend for lunching and brunching. Wood is the best surface for cutting and precise chopping, and presentation always looks top notch on the rustic wooden backdrop. For the best looking lunch or brunch board, choose your theme: To Go with Bread:  Make a toast display on...

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How to Oil and Maintain a Wood Cutting Board - Best Practices for the Prep and Rally Board

Knowledge is power when it comes to maintaining a wood cutting board and other wooden kitchen utensils. The Prep and Rally Board cutting board is made of eco-friendly bamboo and just needs a little TLC to maintain. Here are the best tips and tricks to clean and care for a wood cutting board.

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