How to Oil and Maintain a Wood Cutting Board - Best Practices for the Prep and Rally Board

how to clean and care for a wood cutting board
Knowledge is power when it comes to maintaining a wood cutting board and other wooden kitchen utensils. The Prep and Rally Board is made of eco-friendly bamboo and just needs a little TLC to maintain.
Here are the best tips and tricks to clean and care for a wood cutting board.
Treat your board
When your cutting board first arrives you’ll want to prep it by coating it in non-toxic mineral oil. This will hydrate your board and keep it from getting dry or cracking. It will also give a gorgeous smooth and clean finish to the board. 
To apply: Pour a few tablespoons of mineral oil onto one side of the board and use a towel to rub it into the surface. Flip and repeat on the other side. allow it to dry for at least 1-2 hours. Wipe off (or rinse) any excess and start to use as usual!
 Your wood cutting board requires hydration (just like us!) so repeat this process once every 2-3 months or whenever it seems dry. 
This affordable option is a quality non- toxic, food grade, mineral oil for wood and can arrive at your home in no time. 
Washing your board
Wash both sides with soap and water when cleaning the board. Don’t soak it in water. Too much time soaking can cause your cutting board to warp and will cause the bamboo fibers to split and break. Warped boards = wobbly boards and we can't have that! 
Drying your board
It’s best to dry your cutting board standing up and leaning against the wall. This way both sides will dry and no moisture will get trapped underneath
Sanitizing/Deep Cleaning:
I don’t recommend using this board for raw meat, chicken or fish. I feel it’s safest to use a cheap plastic board that you can replace more regularly and save the Prep and Rally board for absolutely everything else. 
Either way you’ll need to sanitize the cutting board every now and then and sometimes your board will need a refresher from stink (hello garlic!) and stains (turmeric ugh).
To sanitize: rub your board with white vinegar before washing. For stains and deeper cleaning rub half a lemon over the board and sprinkle with baking soda. Rub the whole board down with a sponge and then wash clean. 
It’s worth giving your cutting board this TLC every so often so it lasts you a lifetime. If you haven’t scored the Prep and Rally Board yet, click here for the must-have and ultimate kitchen tool! 


  • Sarder Tajul Islam

    This blog is great and informative! I learned a lot about how to properly care for a wood-cutting board. I’m curious, what other kitchen utensils besides the cutting board require similar maintenance?

  • Taylor Abrams

    Ugh, I had no idea that your cutting board will dry faster and there won’t be any moisture trapped below if you dry it while standing up and resting against a wall. I’ve been enjoying prepping meals my boyfriend and I can eat throughout the week lately. This made me want to buy a food prep cutting board I can use so thanks for the maintenance tips; will surely keep it in mind.

  • Eve Mitchell

    It’s good to know that you should treat your wooden cutting boards every 2-3 months. I want to buy a big wooden cutting board that I can use as a charcuterie board this month. I think that it would be perfect to bring to family parties and events.

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